Since starting in homeopathy classes, I have become more and more aware of how well suited homeopathy is for our pets. They have no preconceived notions of placebo or “the real deal” no matter what they skeptics say. All they know is they feel better. And the best part is you are not chasing them (cats) two to four times a day trying to shove and keep a pill down their throats. One dose usually does it.My Baby (his name was Boots, but he was short on grey cells, so he was my Baby), began to show signs of arthritis or something wrong with his left paw, two sets of x rays later I was told he did have arthritis and would likely become crippled.Several classes later, I had learned the remedy he needed and when he died at age 15 he was still climbing up to the roof. He received doses whenever he began favoring his left paw. Simple.

We treated abscesses with Calendula, fear with Aconite,trauma with Arnica and it all worked beautifully.

Lately, my fourteen year old “girls” began to act very differently and I checked with a friend who communicates with animals. They were both, dying. After the usual crying and misery, I began to collect symptoms. The cause was most probably my computer which Lucy loved to lie in front of when I was working.Since my favorite pharmacy didn’t seem to have the remedy I needed, I made my own and began to give it to Lucy. Less then three weeks later, she has perked up and even started to play with a ribbon! They may still die,but I have extended my time with them and Lucy feels better. What I can give Emma I have yet to discover but there is hope.

Learning self care for your family, is a huge help for both your children and your pets .It improves everyone’s immune system and extends their lives.

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Flu Season 2014

Apparently flu season has arrived earlier then ever this year. The news has said that it is in full swing in some states, where normally we don’t see it in the US until after Thanksgiving. The vaccine for this year’s flu is essentially useless according to the TV, the strain has mutated and none of the viruses contained in the current vaccine has that particular strain ! None the less we are all encouraged to get our flu shot because ” a little protection is better then none”. Where did the little protection come from when there is none of the strain causing the flu in the vaccine? Wow.

A short selection of remedies for the flu:

Oscilloccoccinum works very well for the “typical” flu, malaise, feel rotten (achy), etc.

Gelsemimium works when the person with the flu feels weak, so weak the effort to fully open their eyes is too much for them (the symptoms here is droopy eyelids), their limbs feel heavy as well.

Bryonia: someone requiring Bryonia is very irritable, they do not want to move, not even to look at you or open their mouth to speak, movement causes discomfort for them. They are thirsty for large amounts of cold water but at long intervals.

Dosing: One pellet/ globule is the needed dose even with Oscillo (the poppy seed pellets are difficult to get out of the tube without eyebrow tweezers). Three doses in 24 hours. After the first dose they should feel 40 % better or the remedy is incorrect, 60 % by the second dose and no more then 3 doses total. Less is more in homeopathy.

There are several other remedies for the treatment of the flu but this is a start for now.

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Topics from the newspaper

In one week, I can’t believe the number of articles there were on health related issues. From the FDA finally recognizing, that the increase in  antibacterial cleaning products may not be a good thing. Duh. To the article on tonsillectomies as a means of “curing” sleep apnea in kids.Of course, this last one came about when a kid died after having her tonsils removed for sleep apnea.There are no studies on the efficacy of the surgery, just i”t’s a good idea let’s do it” sort of attitude. Typical of Allopathy and seen throughout it’s history. Hahnemann objected to the practice over 200 years ago and it continues on.Amazing.

Darned if I can remember the third article, probably because the tonsillectomy article drove it from my mind. An entire page on tonsillectomies for sleep apnea. Significant.Sad.

Makes me more determined to tell the world about homeopathy (or at least the less educated US). Remedies can do so much for us, from sleep apnea problems to the issues of overeating from depression or compulsion. 

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Vacines Yet Again

The Seattle Times printed an Opinion piece by Katie McCabe on 11/29, called “Why You Should Vaccinate Your Kid”. In it she blames Andrew Wakefield M.D.,for the “wave of fear” that has caused parents to refuse to vaccinate their kids.She of course does not address the fact that Dr.Wakefield only questioned the possible connection between the MMR vaccine and the Autistic kids he was seeing.A large number of  Autistic kids have gut problems and he was a GI doc. Because he dared to question any possible link between a vaccine and what parents saw after the vaccines were given, he was essentially hounded out of the UK.He has been proven, if not completely correct but partially correct, that for some kids there is a connection.What the connection is, no one has discovered, as far as I know.Question orthodox medical practice that for all intents and purposes is “scared” and you lose your profession and your home.And none of this made it into this opinion piece, all it did was blame and shame.Washington state has recently changed it’s vaccination laws to insist that parents get a note from their kid’s doctor exempting them from the vaccines. That could be fine but docs are now refusing to continue as the physician of record, if the parents want this.Note or doc for your kid? Since when do docs have the right to decide on how you parent your child? Ms. McCabe wants to further this mess by calling legislators to remove the exemption clause.Shame on parents for wanting to protect their kid from vaccines, after all the cost of a case of measles is $160,000.00 according to JAMA. Wonder where they got that figure? Big Pharma continues to successfully use their smoke and mirrors on the general public and want all of us to follow the “herd” in order to increase their profit margins. How much money is enough? 

I still want someone to explain to me why a newborn gets an Hep B shot? When does an infant become sexually active? If it’s due to being born vaginally, then test Mom before she begins labor and only treat the babies whose mothers have Hep B. No. Too much profit would be lost if all infants aren’t given a much needed vaccine!

I heard a OB-GYN doc give a talk on how he and his partners have delivered 50,000 babies. Never vaccinated any of them and only 1 out of all those kids has Autism. Funny connection there right?

His recommendation for cold and flu season, or any infectious disease (measles,jump,chicken pox,whooping cough) is to take Vitamin C 8 gms for adults and 4 gms for kids, Vitamin D 1000 IU/day and probiotics 50billion CFU(since I know veery little about probiotics that needs some help from the local health food store). No shots, no expensive meds just an increase in supplements that people should probably already be taking. I take Vit C and D regularly and have a stung immune system so I forgo the probiotics.Easy.Simple.

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Watching TV the other night, and on comes an ad for an attorney’s group looking for men who have had a stroke after using Testosterone supplements.I was actually expecting to see an article in the paper about this very subject, but the lawyers got there first. No surprise there! 

Why in the world do people (men and women) expect to remain the same as if they were still in their 20’s? Getting older is a trade off, less hormones, less hair but more wisdom,more certainty about who you are and where you are going or want to go in your life.Both men and women go through menopause, a lessening of their sex hormones. In women it is obvious, but someone (the medical community) has forgotten to inform men that this is normal for them to lose or lessen their sex drive. Nature intended this, so we wouldn’t have kids when we were older and likely to die before the child could be raised. Makes sense, really. No the ad agencies and the “natural” drug companies decided to sell self image to men (they do an excellent job with us girls, so they turned their attention to the guys now). What to feel like you did when you were 20-30? Sorry you are now 50+ and have not eaten right, exercised or cared for yourself properly for a long time but you get to be a young stud again. NOT. Even if you are in excellent condition,with age comes the natural and normal decrease in hormone levels,a fact of life.You can do this,but the trade off is a higher probability of a stroke. Women have know for many years that hormones and smoking risked a stroke, guys just have to use the hormone at an older age to risk stroke.As trade offs go not a really nifty one but then, I take no meds and really like being my age. 50 rocked and 60 is really funny (I think it’s a riot to say how old I am, I don’t feel any age at all!).Homeopathy won’t turn back the clock and neither should allopathy.

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I have always known I wasn’t tech savy, but to find out I wasn’t even blogging correctly ! Well. This should have been personal and not so focused on content. So, the 40 or so posts are going to provide for my e zine, once I figure out how to create one and I get to wax poetical about my passion for homeopathy in my blog! Imagine that.

The cold season might have started, but flu season on the West Coast usually happens after everyone comes back from spending Thanksgiving with friends and family. So no idea what remedies will effect this years flu strain, yet.

I do encourage people to live with their colds, increasing vitamin C,drinking enough fluids, getting enough sleep. When you live with a cold you strengthen your immune system. A great idea anytime you can manage it.

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Healing Crisis / Aggravation

One of my colleagues mentioned that fear of an aggravation was what held people back from choosing  homeopathy. Many of her CAM colleagues told this was the biggest hurdle homeopathy faced, which is unfortunate.

Aggravations are not a necessary part of homeopathic treatment, they are the result of misinformation on the part of the homeopath. There are many homeopaths who are taught that an aggravation is necessary, even desired during treatment. But they have not read the section of the Organon ( Hahnemann’s explanation of homeopathy, how to take a case,make a remedy, assess a case, etc.) that talks about how aggravations are unnecessary and how to avoid them. Potency does matter and will affect the experience the client has after taking the remedy.This is something an experienced and well educated homeopath is aware of and takes into consideration when selecting the remedy.

Hahnemann worked for many years to reduce aggravations and making his treatments both subtle and elegant. Yes, elegant. Doesn’t medicine that works without getting in your face, that works so you don’t know it has worked, count as elegant? I think it does, but I am biased. A follow up appointment inevitably has the homeopath asking about past symptoms and if they still exist or if they have improved. Most of the time, we find that the symptoms that brought the client to us have vanished or significantly improved to where they are no longer bothersome, by the second follow up those symptoms that have improved are usually gone as well. This is the result of a well chosen potency and well chosen remedy. Now having said this, I will go on to say, there are times when our clients don’t improve or only improve slightly. There are over 4,000 remedies available and each has multiple symptoms. The partnership between homeopath and client is unique in that every symptoms experienced by the client no matter how weird or even embarrassing matters in the selection of a remedy. We don’t judge you by your symptoms, thoughts, lifestyle or even past actions. The more we know the better. For example, I treated someone for daily headaches, she never thought to tell me she had had eczema as a child and I was a very new homeopath and forgot to ask her about past symptoms. She suffered from a recurrence of her eczema on both of her legs, for about six weeks, but the headaches began to disappear during the six weeks and after the eczema disappeared so did the last of her headaches. She has been well for the last twenty years and I have not had another client aggravate (cross my fingers!). I made a point to find out what the Organon was talking about when it said aggravations were unnecessary and it has helped my clients and me, (me because I don’t wish to cause distress, I wish to eliminate it).

I am not publishing this blog to bash other homeopaths but to educate consumers about the wonders and beauty of homeopathy.We all have our strengths and weaknesses and are all trying our best, homeopaths and clients alike. 

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